District of Africa

The adventures of the Society of St. Pius X in Africa begin in 1974 when some faithful wishing to live according to Tradition contacted Archbishop Lefebvre. These faithful came from the very extremities of the continent, from Cape Town. Other persons from other countries likewise sought us out, and there was established a presence in Gabon, in Zimbabwe, in Kenya and lastly in Nigeria. Other countries are also visited, such as Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania, Cameron as well as Ghana and the islands of Madagascar, Reunion and Maurice.

For each of these places there is a true and even epic tale. Only wishing to live and to do what the Church has never ceased to transmit and to live, the faithful were rejected by the great majority of the ecclesiastical authorities. It is not easy to remain Catholic in our times !

In spite of all, an apostolate was established firstly by some visits and then the foundation of the priory, and then the creation of schools. In itself nothing but a drop of water in this immense continent, but nonetheless a considerable effort for our small Society.

This profound work was accomplished by the priestly presence which supported the families who have understood what is at stake in the crisis in the Church which has sadly expanded the four corners of the earth. Aiding thus all the faithful, whether young or old, alone or with a family, and providing the supernatural means to make them Christian, their community Christian, and finally their civilization Christian. This enormous apostolate which finds souls where they are and directs them to the Sovereign Good which is God Almighty.

An internet site is something simple enough in our time, but nonetheless it remains a window by which on can observe a little this life of Tradition. It is in a way a first step to having the courage to enter one of our chapels and to meet one of our priests.

So to all, whoever you may be, be most welcome and discover some Christian truth such as it has been taught and lived since Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Johannesburg, on the feast of St. Gregory I, Pope and Doctor of the Church